CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) and CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic) Technologies


At Rioglass Solar, we provide our products to a wide range of customers for different energy operations around the globe. Our state-of-the-art optical components are in use by some of the biggest companies in the CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) and CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic) markets.

Worldwide Trust
Our tempered mirrors and receiver tubes are trusted by the industry’s most significant players, including:

  • Energy companies
  • Engineering companies
  • EPC (efficient power conversion) companies
  • Project developers
  • Operators

Our Uses
Energy plants can function solely on the energy collected by solar fields, which use different technologies to collect and store solar thermal energy, including photovoltaic (PV) solar. Rioglass Solar builds solar mirrors used to concentrate the solar energy of the PV cells, enabling CPV solar energy.

Our mirrors are used by the following CPV and CSP applications:


The parabolic trough and Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR)

Line concentration technologies used to collect solar thermal energy using mirrors, a receiver tube or absorber, and Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) to convert the heat into steam. The steam can be used to supply direct heat in industrial processes, run a turbine, or even power a steam generator.


The central tower, or power tower:

A point concentration technology used to collect solar thermal energy by using an array of mirrors to focus the sun’s rays to heat a furnace on top of the tower. These rays could be focused to heat water and produce steam to power a turbine.


Dish technology:

A point concentration technology used in both CPV and CSP systems. A dish Stirling system, or parabolic dish, is often made of different mirror segments, which focus sunlight onto a circular target above the dish and in front of the Stirling or steam engine, which converts the heat into kinetic energy and then electricity.

With over 6 million mirrors supplied worldwide and over 20 years of supplying UVAC receiver tubes in over 12 countries, Rioglass Solar is the leader for the supply of mirrors and receiver tubes to the CPV and CSP markets. Contact us to learn more about our products and technology.


Worldwide Customer Base

Our customer base is represents the most significant players in the current CSP and CPV markets, and among them are engineering companies, EPC companies, project developers, Operators as well as Energy companies.

Our products are employed worldwide. Here some basic figures:

    • Over 6 million mirrors supplied worldwide
    • Over 20 years of supplying UVAC receiver tubes
    • Mirrors for CPV and CSP applications, including parabolic trough, parabolic dish, linear Fresnel and central tower
    • Over 12 countries: Spain, U.S.A., France, India, Italy, China, South Korea, South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Israel & Norway
    • Our mirrors are even used to illuminate a town square in Norway during the day in winter when the sun does not reach the town at the bottom of the valley. The sun is the indispensable source of energy … and life!