mirrosRioglass introduces a new technology for heliostat mirrors. Rioglass can continue to offer its extreme high quality mirrors, with high durability, integrated with a backing panel in order to increase the mechanical stability and decrease the overall weight of the heliostat. This will enable use under higher wind loads, decreasing the design load of the heliostat and enable more accurate solar tracking.
This new technology can be used both for flat mirrors, as well as curved mirrors (in one or two directions) for further increasing the overall efficiency of the solar field. The production process allows for extreme high repeatability and flexibility, both in dimension and in curvature.


Dimensions Custom Designed
Shape Parabolic or cylindrical
Av. Reflectivity 93,5% up to 95,0%
Glass Quality Ultra clear glass
Precision < 1,0 mrad total RMS (SDxy)
Anchor system Custom Designed


1. Tonopah project (USA)
2. Replacement parts and test facility in Sanlúcar la Mayor (Spain)
3. Test facility in Seville (Spain)
4. Test facility in Daegu (South Korea)
5. Test facility in Móstoles (Spain)