Since its inception in 2007, Rioglass Solar has been committed to facilitating positive advancement and change through technological innovation. Our guiding principles of energy efficiency, scaling, product design and manufacturing have helped us reach a global scale. Rioglass Solar is an independently operated company built upon a strong, profound foundation in glass processing with over 30 years in the automotive and construction industries.

Spearheading the Solar Market

With our in-depth experience, we honed our knowledge to successfully break into the solar components market, focusing on correcting the major problems of parabolic mirrors for concentrated solar power (CSP) use. Rioglass Solar created the tempered high precision parabolic mirror, which has now become the leading reference in the market. In only a short number of years, our cutting-edge products with excellent Cost of Ownership have been recognized and utilized by major players, positioning Rioglass Solar as the solar technology leader with the largest installed base of parabolic mirrors in the industry.

Expansion and Advancement

After undergoing a rapid expansion in Spain, we developed our new plant in Surprise, Arizona in 2011, and another in Upington, South Africa in 2013. This growth enabled our customers to become and remain competitive in local markets and support the industry in fulfilling local content requirements for public investments.  Our international expansion and dedication to the CSP market was taken further in 2013 with the acquisition of the receiver tube facilities in Israel, lending us the old, yet vivid Solel heritage known for shaping the CSP industry. Rioglass Solar has big plans for the future, including continued growth, discoveries, connections, and technological breakthroughs on a range of solar components and products. As a company, we are dedicated to consistently pushing for advancement to better enable our customers to efficiently capture, store, and utilize the sun’s energy.

If you’d like to learn more about Rioglass Solar’s products and technology, browse our site or contact us to speak to one of our representatives about how we can help power your project.


Why choose Rioglass Solar products?


  • Over 20 years of in-field experience
  • Lowest emission rate on or tubes: ε ≤ 9.5%
  • High solar absorptance factor on or tubes: α ≥ 96,2%
  • Excellent protective coating for high durability


  • Tempered mirrors providing you much more value for money due to extremely low breakage rates
  • Highest guarantee on reflectivity for our mirrors: >94,0% or higher, creating directly more output for your plant
  • Highest intercept factor performance on or mirrors

And of course because of our excellent technological and customer support.
All enabling you to get most from your solar plant investment and supporting you to drive down cost and increase the Return on Investment of your plants.