Rioglass Solar thrives on innovation. We’re constantly working on the next big technologies to increase the quality of our products and to lower the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for our customers.

Through advanced research and development, we’re able to engineer new product developments and improvements for our optical CSP and CPV components. Our ongoing R&D&E efforts have made Rioglass Solar the largest supplier of HCE tubes and concentrating solar mirrors in the world. Our extensive engineering capabilities enable us to support our customers with engineering challenges as well as provide custom designed solutions.

Our dedication to innovation plays a key factor in the competitiveness, productivity, and sustainability of our company, as well as those of our partners and customers. We are currently working on a range of projects and solutions.

Current Efforts:

  • Increasing the reflectivity of our mirrors by improving coating and reducing glass thicknesses
  • Developing higher precision glass bending processes to boost the intercept factor of our mirrors
  • Finding new technologies to bring overall costs down, such as better anchoring systems and more integrated products like our Heliostat Facet Mirrors
  • Increasing the size of troughs to increase system temperatures, delivering greater end-to-end efficiency of their installation
  • Creating new products in cooperation with our partners and customers

All Rioglass Solar production processes and equipment are developed and designed internally, making our products and technology impossible for competitors to accurately replicate. Our end-to-end development and execution strategy positions us as the experts of our products and allows us to provide our customers with consistent, best-in-class CSP and CPV components.

If you’d like to learn more about our product innovations and current and future technologies, contact us today to speak with an expert.