Rioglass Solar is a multinational solar power and renewable energy technology manufacturer. We specialize in developing key optical components for concentrated solar power (CSP) and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) applications, helping our customers all over the world capture and harness the sun’s energy to create solar power. Founded in 2007, Rioglass Solar is the global market leader in CSP technologies. With six million mirrors delivered worldwide and 20 years of experience in supplying receiver tubes, Rioglass Solar is the largest provider of CSP heat collector element (HCE) tubes and tempered glass mirrors in the world.

Our Factories

Headquartered in Brussels, Rioglass has offices in Spain, the U.S., South Africa, China, Germany, and Italy. Our factories are located in Spain, Middle East, Chile, China, the U.S., and South Africa.  All five of our factories are outfitted with the most advanced equipment and technology available with a high degree of automation, ensuring consistency and high quality.

Our Products

Rioglass Solar focuses on achieving continued technological advancement by combining cutting-edge technology with innovative designs and concepts to produce the most reliable products on the market. Our factories, equipped with advanced and automated production capacity, allow us to produce a large volume of uniform, quality products to our customers.

Our solar receivers feature:

  • The lowest emission rates, at less than 9,5 percent
  • The highest solar absorbance factor, at over 96.2 percent
  • AR-coating, protecting them from energy reflection and providing extreme durability

Our solar mirrors feature:

  • Tempered glass, increasing safety and dramatically reducing breakage rates, resulting in lower Cost of Ownership, enabling millions of dollars in savings over the operational solar field life
  • The highest intercept factor performance
  • A guarantee on reflectivity, at 94 percent or above, resulting in optimal output and value
  • Top specifications for geometry and reflectivity
  • A silvering process, which was developed in a joint venture with Samsung and CMS of Korea

In addition to our unmatched quality of products, Rioglass Solar is also committed to providing ongoing technological and excellent customer support, ensuring that our customers receive maximum efficiency and working lifespan from their equipment.
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Why choose Rioglass Solar products?


  • Over 20 years of in-field experience
  • Lowest emission rate our tubes: ε ≤ 9,5%
  • High solar absorptance factor our tubes: α ≥ 96,2%
  • Excellent protective coating for high durability


  • Tempered mirrors providing you much more value for money due to extremely low breakage rates
  • Highest guarantee on reflectivity for our mirrors: > 94% or higher, creating directly more output for your plant
  • Highest intercept factor performance on or mirrors

And of course because of our excellent technological and customer support.
All enabling you to get most from your solar plant investment and supporting you to drive down cost and increase the Return on Investment of your plants.