MicroTroughSolar Thermal heat and electricity production sees an increased interest from industry and other local based production of industries that see the potential of solar energy to reduce their energy bills. Small compact solar thermal installations are offered by various players worldwide. Rioglass offers both standard and customer designed solutions for parabolic trough type technology solutions.

Rioglass offers high quality, best accuracy, and the highest reflectivity and that in tempered quality, which offers extremely durable and safe mirrors. The production process allows for extreme high repeatability and flexibility in dimensions. This has resulted in our market leadership in the CSP market with installations worldwide. Glass mirrors offer better optical performance, better durability and better bankability than other reflector technologies.


Dimensions 1.500 x 1.060 x 4 mm (standard) or custom designed
Shape Curved Tempered Mirrors
Av. Reflectivity 94,0%
Glass Quality Ultra clear glass, tempered

All mirrors are coated with a silver reflective layer, followed by a copper layer and 3 protective paint layers, assuring optimum durability. All mirrors have a rounded edge finish for safe handling and durability


Several customer have already ordered quanties of mirrors for test facilities. Especially users of
metal reflectors or silvered foil see an enormous increase in production output per square meter
thanks to the higher performing glass reflectors.