Mirror for CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) / STE (Solar Thermal Energy)


Parabolic Trough

Our parabolic mirrors stand for the best Cost of Ownership through high performance, both in concentration (reflectivity and intercept factor) as well as in durability/lifetime, providing you with the most profitable option in the market. We have supplied over 6 million parabolic trough mirrors worldwide and have become the industry reference for these mirrors.


Rioglass Solar MicroTrough

CSP applications are more and more applied in industrial processes, city heating, cooling and or heating units in a smaller scale than CSP used for energy production. The aperture of these installations is smaller and the design often lighter. We can support our customers with project in this market segment with standardized mirrors for smaller sized troughs, call the Rioglass Solar MicroTrough, or with custom designed dimensions.


Central Tower

In order to improve the energy output per m2, our customers are more and more looking for high-end mirroring solutions in order to improve the Cost of Ownership by focusing on overall product performance. Lifetime and durability, improved concentration performance achieved by 3D-bending are important new developments. Rioglass Solar offers this improved performance for your central tower plants. We offer a range of products from flat annealed mirrors based on our proven durability and reflectivity to our integrated Heliostat Mirrors Facets with outstanding optical performance and repeatability as well as an easy to install and very safe product enhancing the speed of the construction work.


Linear Fresnel

In order to improve the energy output, our customers seek high-end mirroring solutions to further improve the optical performance and the Cost of Ownership. Lifetime and durability, improved concentration performance more and more incorporated into the linear Fresnel technology. We are your partner to achieve this improved performance from your installations through different product solutions, both in large scale energy production plants as in smaller plant for industrial heat or cooling such as the air conditioning system for a football stadium in Qatar.


Dish Technology for Stirling
and CPV applications

The market for dish applications is developing rapidly but standardization of the dish components is still far from set. With our R&D&E capabilities and thorough knowhow on glass and mirrors, we are able to support you in your efforts to develop products that are able to compete based on Cost of Ownership.

Dish solutions require extreme precision in 3D bending and high reflectivity values. This is exactly where the strength of Rioglass Solar lies.

New Developments

New ideas and new developments – this is where our innovative and flexible spirit combined with our profound knowledge of glass and mirror processing will help your company to develop superior products and still focus on your time-to-market, always with the Cost of Ownership and value chain focus in mind. We are ready to take up the challenge with you to get more energy output from your products.

Product Specials

Based on its broad knowhow of material, product applications and production processes, Rioglass Solar is able to offer a range of product specials that can even further enhance the Cost of Ownership of your installation or make it suitable for specific conditions, like our edge protection cord that ensures and enhances the protection of your product for demanding conditions such as near shore installation or installations with elevated acidic air components.