A global leader in the solar thermal energy industry, Rioglass Solar uses cutting-edge technology to produce the most advanced, efficient optical components for concentrated solar power (CSP) and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) applications on the market. We are constantly innovating and improving our technologies to ensure our customers are getting the best value and efficiency out of our products.

Solar Thermal Technologies
There are several different types of solar thermal systems that use our mirrors and tubes to collect and produce energy. Some of the most common ones include:

  • The Parabolic Trough
  • The Linear Fresnel
  • The Central Tower
  • The Dish Stirling
  • CPV (Flat or Curved Reflectors)

CSP systems collect solar power by using mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large area of sunlight onto a small area. From there, the concentrated light can be converted to heat, which generates electricity.

CPV systems use curved mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large amount of sunlight onto a small area of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells to generate electricity.

Our Solar Mirrors
centralRioglass was the first manufacturer of tempered mirrors for the solar industry. We now have the largest installed base of mirrors in CSP and CPV, amounting to over seven million mirrors delivered worldwide, capturing the sun’s energy for a range of customers. We provide tempered mirrors with low breakage rates, the highest specifications for geometry and reflectivity, as well as the highest absorption rate available.

Our HCE Tubes
Rioglass is also the worldwide leader in providing heat collecting element (HCE) tubes for linear CSP applications. Tubes are often used to generate and/or collect energy by pumping a heat transfer fluid (HTF) through them. Our vacuum tubes are built and tested for extreme environmental conditions and comply with strict standards for power piping and boiler & pressure vessels. Our technology provides high solar absorption and reduced heat losses.

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Production Locations

Our current production capacity consists of the following production facilities:

  • Mirror production plant Rioglass Solar I in Spain
  • Mirror production plant Rioglass Solar II in Spain
  • Receiver production plant Rioglass Solar Systems, Ltd. in Middle East
  • Mirror production plant Rioglass Solar, Inc. in U.S.A.
  • Mirror production and facet assembly plant Rioglass South Africa Pvt. Ltd. in South Africa
  • Mirror production plant Rioglass Solar Chile SpA. in Chile
  • Mirror production plant RioHuan (Inner Mongolia) SolarCo.,Ltd. in China